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Fast Track Technique Testimonials & Reviews 

Learn how others have cleared their limiting beliefs and changed their negative life patterns through Fast Track Technique

I recently met Jaz Goven in an Introductory Workshop and I was Impressed by her Authenticity! How Conscious-connected She is! Her Pure Intentions! Her Beautiful and Humble Channeling! Her Lovely & Brave Soul! 

Her Simple and Wise Technique to get to our Subconscious to identify and work with blockages that we didn't even know were there - even from before we were born!

THANK YOU Jaz for your Valuable Sharing! And for Being SO Inspiring by Being Your TRUE-Self!Looking forward to meeting you again! <3 <3 <3

I learned Fast Track Technique one year ago here in Bali. And it has totally changed my life! As a psychologist I was used to change taking many months--or longer-- and often much pain. With Fast Track, it is very quick to get to the underlying issues-----called Root Causes in Fast Track and release this immediately.

It goes amazingly deep and is super fast at releasing even very old blocks to our growth and success.I have found it personally and professionally life changing and recommend it to anyone looking to change anything in their life!And Jaz Goven, the founder, is such a dynamic, brilliant, fun person---it is rewarding and great fun to work with her.

The session with the dog was so easy and we all (the healer, the holder, the dog) enjoyed it really. 


It was a female dog who was born in greek , 2 times abandoned, wasn't able to live on the street, found and by an international union for animal protection it came to the holder in Germany. Lot of fear. Lot of forgiveness to resolve!

Here is a photo after our session.