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Lofty Questions for you

Lofty Questions are fun, super creative, free and will change your perspective of life.

The main this is to start them right and know what you want.

So - What would be possible for me if.....

What else would be possible for me if...

How would my life be if.....

and my super favourite

What am I not getting about.....that if I would get it would allow me .............

You can't get it wrong but here are some examples for starters:

What would be possible for me if I healed my relationship with money - show me

How would my life be if I forgave everyone who ever hurt me...... show me

How would me life be if everything positive I've already asked for is already on its way - show me

What else would be possible for me if I would stop worrying and start allowing - show me

What am I not seeing about this situation that if I would allow myself to see it would bring..... show me

Aren't they fun. Choose one everyday - repeat it 10 time 3 times a day and notice how your response changes and also what shows up - show me - show me - show me -NOW

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