Frequently asked questions

How does a FTT session work?

A Fast Track Technique session begins by honing in on what you wish to achieve or change in your life Now! FTT focuses on the positive outcome as opposed to negative issues, so there is no need for you to describe the painful or upsetting situations that created your problem or issue. Fast Track Technique connects the super conscious with the conscious and subconscious to open up and allow communication between past, present and future. It uses muscle testing to locate the root cause of an issue and specially developed cards, which represent different areas of your life where this problem was created.

By recognizing and confirming what you want in life, as well as removing negative emotions, triggers and beliefs, you are now aligned with, and have access to, the life you have dreamed of and deserve.

Do I need experience to use or benefit from FTT?

Fast Track Technique is simple, easy and fun and no experience is required for you to benefit from a Fast Track Technique session. Sessions can be conducted in person, by proxy i.e. over the internet using Skype or similar, or even remotely if that works between you and your practitioner.

Does FTT work on animals?

Yes Fast Track works well on animals big and small, domestic and wild. The great thing about working with animals is that they don’t have our ‘baggage’ or belief systems, so results show up with surprising speed and the information you receive whilst doing these sessions can be as helpful for the owners as for the animal!

Can I learn FTT?

Yes, you can! Fast Track is a complete, simple yet effective system which is easily learned and even the novice will get great results. It can be applied to any area where you want to make change and the only thing that will limit you is your imagination. There are 4 levels of training: Fast Track Technique Level 1 - Personal Transformation Fast Track Level 2 - Expansion, Learn to muscle test another person and go deeper in the FTT system Fast Track Level 3 - Professional Practitioner Fast Track Trainer - Become a certified FTT Trainer You can learn FTT Level 1 – Personal Transformation by joining a one-day training course or contact us to arrange a private training.

Does FTT work in groups?

Yes. Group sessions and workshops are a wonderful way to experience FTT, because when one person ‘shifts’ the whole group ‘shifts’ too. If you are interested to have a FTT group experience contact us for a Recommended Practitioner in your area who facilitates groups sessions and workshops.